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Happy New Year from Mini & Minnie - 2016 The Year of the Pom Bow

Mini & Minnie are celebrating its first year open, its only been 9 months and we are so happy on how far we have come. It has been a fascinating journey starting from a small Insta shop, selling a few bows and moccasins for little babies and toddlers to designing and creating our unique Pom Bows.

Mini & Minnie started one month before our little Francesca was born and watching her grow up with the business makes us so proud. As for 2016, its going to be a great year! Starting with growing the Pom Bow family. Three new Pom Bows, BubbleGum, Panda and Valentines, are joining the collection to celebrate the turn of the year. Mini & Minnie are not stopping there, we believe Pom Bows are unique and stand out from the crowd, they are perfect for your little ones to show off, so we are making 2016 the year of the Pom Bow. We dedicating this year to bringing out a huge collection of unique Pom Bows for all occasions.

2016 will see us use our new improved black circle logo that allows our stalk to fly high and drop off loads of lovely parcels. We are continually looking to improve our range of products and see 2016 as the perfect year to bring out Mini & Minnie apparel which is being kept top secret for the perfect moment.

Mini & Minnie would like to say thank you for your support in making our first year open a great year and we look forward to bringing you so much more in 2016.

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